Cloud Innovation

KWI Cloud Innovation - Three Decades Strong, and Rising

The Sky’s Not the Limit with KWI’s Cloud 9 Mobile POS Technology Platform. We Take Your Potential into the Stratosphere – and Beyond.

It began as managed services and SaaS In our first decade of business, KWI was the sole provider of managed services to retailers. We built our niche supporting specialty retailers and brands launching their first retail stores – making it possible for them to access big brand operational capabilities for their small- to medium-sized companies.

As our reputation grew, we welcomed new retailers and brands, which in turn enabled us to grow our team, expertise and capabilities. We built the momentum with research and development and investments in the very best people we could find – many of them former retailers themselves. Today we are the leader in cloud retailing technology, and no one understands it better than KWI.

Super-responsive: KWI’s resilient platform maintains real-time data access and advanced management functions in a system that anticipates your every need.

Into the Cloud

We’ve grown with cloud capabilities literally from the ground up. Early Internet bandwidth limitations made cloud computing for the masses a late development. But our strength as a retail technology leader moved KWI, and our clients, from a managed services model into the cloud swiftly as the Internet expanded. Our highly scalable, Enterprise-Class platform soon encompassed a full suite of back office, cloud-based solutions to manage retail chains of any size.

KWI is true centralized cloud architecture and mobility enabled. This is a real differentiator in cloud computing that we are proud to offer. It’s the power of ‘One’: one platform, one single architecture, one single cloud environment, supporting all our customers on one version.

On the Fast Track with Mobility

Always moving at the speed of retailing, we pioneered into mobile technology with KWI Cloud 9 Mobile POS. Our in-store solutions not only offer pure cloud mobility but also bring Omni-Channel capabilities to our retailers.

Retailers with Omni-Channel strategies will appreciate our ability to source product anywhere in the enterprise and direct-ship to store or consumer on demand.

And P.S., it’s cost-effective, because all of our valued retail clients get the benefit of the same ultra-powerful cloud platform.

Pushing the envelope of what is possible, we test and perfect, and deliver continuous advances to keep our clients on the leading edge.

End-to-End is Just the Beginning!

KWI continues to be the true leader in Enterprise-Class cloud platforms for end-to-end retail solutions. We support all our retailers on a single platform, providing economies of scale to all. And, we support cloud innovation on an ongoing basis.

Some of our advances are major leaps; some are minor adjustments. But all are based upon a continuous loop of client feedback. Working as partners with our client companies, we are so fully plugged-in to their operations that we can be proactive, developing new solutions before minor issues become major problems.

Nothing But the Best

Excellence at KWI is driven by our team of highly accomplished specialists, many of whom are veterans of the “client side” of the retail industry bringing unique expertise and insights to key operational areas.

KWI clients receive the most reliable and proven technology for Omni-Channel, cloud-based real-time retailing – positioned for strength today and continued leadership tomorrow.

Leverage Your Retail-Ability
with Our KWI Enterprise-Class Cloud Strengths:

  • Centralized architecture, web-based access for in-store and remote employees alike available at all times
  • Exceptional infrastructure, security and disaster recovery to sustain a major incident and remain operational
  • Extensive support infrastructure including 24/7/365 call center with redundant backup
  • Highly-resilient network for optimized communications
  • Untethered mobile POS platform directly cloud-connected for real-time data access and content

Simply stated, retailers of any size who partner with KWI get today’s best retailing solutions.

Be in the forefront and stay there! KWI cloud innovation is the key to retail-ability.