CRM and Loyalty

KWI Customer Relationship Management, Loyalty, and Campaign Management

Building a Community of Brand-Believers

KWI Customer Relationship Management is your lean keen data machine. Our store systems collect vast amounts of up-to-the-nanosecond customer data, reflecting transactions from all channels. Our reporting systems let you slice, dice and segment this huge archive with your defined criteria for a virtually unlimited amount of deeply revealing reports.

Our rich brew lets you target your best customers with a true 360-degree view of their preferences and motivators. It’s the strongest foundation for your campaign management, so you can develop profoundly relevant messages and meaningful promotions … enhancing loyalty with every contact.

Data rules the day! KWI CRM is built upon superior customer intelligence combined with our decades of retail industry expertise … to help you deliver the best customer communications and services.

An inspirational experience … for your customers, for your sales team, for long-term loyalty.

Growth opportunity: Associates can see VIP status, special events such as birthdays, anniversaries and other triggers, highlighted at POS to easily engage the customer.

Innovative and Collaborative

Don’t have your own CRM resources? Get the benefit of our expert CRM team … leading industry consultants who will apply their proven expertise and creativity toward shaping your unique strategy. We’ll support you with outstanding technology and services for customer attainment and retention, and maximize your ROI through personalized campaigns. Our continuous monitoring of retail and marketing trends assures you of maintaining your leading edge.

Expertise You Can Rely Upon

KWI has decades of experience and strength in retail, direct marketing and loyalty program execution. We deliver our best-in-class CRM via best practices such as:

  • Customer data integration across all sales transactions – ecommerce, in-stores and mobile – for one central database and customer-centric view
  • Promotional history maintained and mined to leverage future forecasting
  • Data cleansed nightly with “de-duping”, merge and purge of records and scheduled National Change Of Address (NCOA) updates to optimize your database

Delivering the Wow!

In an age when consumers can so easily comparison-shop, you can’t build a business on commodities alone. KWI CRM gives you the power to create the best loyalty programs, based on spending, visits or other client-defined metrics.

You’ll forge robust connections with your customers by delivering superlative engagement through every shopping channel – with services, sales and special programs that are uniquely relevant to them. It starts with their entire purchase history, archived forever at the item level. This rich database is searchable by frequency, recency, monetary segmentations, post-event and cross-shopping analyses, period and lifetime spending patterns … and other highly-revealing criteria.

You’ll be amazed at the scope of reporting, the depth of analytics, and the speed at which you can develop customer insights … to create the ultimate shopping experience. KWI CRM gives you the mother lode of customer data, 100% in the cloud, highly-secured and available to authorized users 24/7/365.

Start something personal! Use advanced KWI CRM to connect with your customers in a multi-layered, Omni-Channel experience and build a valuable relationship with your brand.