KWI Cloud Expertise

Take Success Sky-High, with the Innovators of Cloud Retailing.

If you’re already a KWI client, congratulations. You are reaping the benefits of today’s most reliable and proven cloud technology – the platform for a leading position in Omni-Channel retailing. If you’re not yet one of our valued clients, we welcome you to make the leap!

KWI services have been cloud-based since our founding in 1985. No “competitor” can match our decades of experience or our track-record of innovative service breakthroughs for our community of retailers.

Stake out your leadership position – we keep innovating to keep you growing.

KWI cloud retailing puts you in the vanguard, with instant scalability, agility, security
and reduced complexity.

Cloud Expertise from Day One

Our expertise makes it simple for you to implement today’s leading-edge retail technologies. KWI CEO Sam Kliger founded our company out of frustration with inferior customer experiences. A technology “wunderkind”, his success is one of those “garage band” stories. He created a comprehensive system of outsourced retail support services all housed, maintained and managed offsite for the client in a system that predicted, and evolved to, today’s cloud computing.

Since day one, KWI has been 100% focused on retail. As we’ve grown with our clients, our systems and services have continually pushed the limits of technology. You have unlimited, real-time access to thishighly advanced system – every hour of every day. So whether you are working late at night at your home office, or traveling with your mobile device many time zones away, you can always access the vital business information, reports and up-to-the-minute data you need, down to the store or item level.

True cloud computing delivers a solution available to all customers – a commitment KWI takes seriously. Our customers are all on the same version of solutions – Back Office and Mobile – and are never ‘release-locked’. Our promise: you will never fall behind and will always have our most updated innovations.

Mobile-Enabled, Omni-Channel Solutions in the Cloud

It takes years to build a centralized cloud infrastructure with applications developed specifically for the cloud. Luckily for you, we’ve had about three decades – a great head start! Our expertise encompasses:

  • Managed IT and business services
  • Call center support 24/7/365
  • Hardened data centers with full redundancy
  • Instant scalability and agility
  • PCI compliance
  • State-of-the-art infrastructure

Full support is provided to you non-stop, past your go-live date, through upgrades and new features … we’re always here to help. Expertise is provided by our own KWI professionals who maintain our best-in-class offering with consistent innovation, and know our systems inside-out.

Our clients receive the most reliable and proven technology for Omni-Channel retailing in the cloud.
Rise to the top with KWI real-time cloud retailing – the leading cloud platform for enterprise-class, end-to-end solutions.

A Few More Facts about Mobility

KWI has become the leading cloud based retail provider, representing thousands of stores with millions of transactions across 100 plus retailers.

We entered the mobile space with our pure-play cloud based KWI Cloud 9 Mobile POS – untethered from the traditional POS in the stores and available to all, whether KWI customers or not.