Loss Prevention

KWI Loss Prevention

The Ultimate in Retail Protection from the Leader in LP Services

Shoplifting. Shrinkage. Fraudulent returns. Thefts that bring a chill to the heart of every retailer, and suck the life out of your bottom line.

KWI knows it’s not just what you earn that drives a business forward, it’s what you keep. That’s why all of our systems and services are designed to save you money. And that’s why our LP division, The Zellman Group, should be your choice for advanced capabilities in Loss Prevention.

Serious about protection? Bring in the big guns.
The Zellman Group is North America’s largest outsourced LP provider.

Proximity Breeds Success

As our loss prevention division, The Zellman Group occupies the same headquarters as KWI. This close connection enables us to work hand-in-glove towards the goal of eliminating our clients’ exposure to employee and consumer theft.

End-to-End Services From the Leader in LP Results

With an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau, The Zellman Group demonstrates consistent success in protecting our clients from fraud and theft across the Omni-Channel spectrum: stores, mobile devices and ecommerce. All KWI LP clients receive the same world-class Loss Prevention benefits whether a start-up or large-scale retailer – at cost-effective rates.

Protecting the Retail Community

The Zellman Group consists of industry-recognized LP professionals with deep expertise in shrink, theft and non-compliance – issues that can cost a retailer millions annually.

Our team carefully customizes LP solutions to each client’s operation; identifying areas of opportunity to minimize loss and maximize profitability. Our results are enhanced through collaboration with our store operations and retail systems.


Retail theft is insidious, siphoning off your ability to grow. Staunch the flow with a premier program in loss prevention … and put the savings back in your bottom line.

Best Practices in Every LP Zone

Your LP initiatives will reduce shrink and provide ROI via physical security, data analysis, investigations and employee fraud prevention.
Audit Services provide insight into your field organization's compliance with company policies and procedures.
Fraudnet protects your on-line ecommerce and mcommerce transactions.
Civil Recovery delivers satisfaction and funds via timely, cost-effective collections.
Add confidence and clarity to your operation with loss prevention services from The Zellman Group … protecting you 24/7/365 … enhancing integrity in your customer experience and brand image.