Merchant Services

KWI Merchant Services

Leverage the Power of Retail’s Best Transaction Systems

Whether your business is a large multi-store chain or a single, elegant boutique, you need payment transactions that are swift, secure and affordable. KWI’s value-added approach to Merchant Services gives you all that and more.

As a member of our large client community, even new and emerging retailers can leverage the power of our best-in-class services with economies of scale and preferential pricing. That means every KWI client enjoys the low rates usually reserved for multi-store giants. And because KWI is pre-certified, you avoid costly bank certification as well.

All Our Clients Are “Preferred”!

Collaborative and Comprehensive

Our Merchant Services team collaborates not only with your people, but also internally with our own POS team, to deliver exceptional service levels. Together, we create systems fine-tuned to the needs of specialty retailing and your own unique transaction requirements. The result: A complete credit and debit card processing solution, with reliable, accurate data and reporting – and faster time-to-funds.

The Best Solutions Are Always Simple

KWI Merchant Services covers all your credit card and check transactions. Our system is powered by First Data Corporation, recognized by the industry as best-in-class. You enjoy the ease and simplicity of one dedicated provider expertly handling all your payment processing needs.

A few key advantages include:

  • Detailed audit of your processing program to identify hidden costs and savings
  • Access to reporting 24/7/365
  • Higher levels of control with easier account reconciliation
  • Next-day funding

A Superior Brand Experience

Our expert support makes it fast and easy for you to get on board with KWI Merchant Services. Our team streamlines the process, with turnkey implementation from applications to approvals and installation.

So many customer experiences fall apart at the end of the shopping trip, at the crucial point of completing the transaction. With KWI Merchant Services, paying becomes part of the positive brand interaction.


If you’re passionate about quality, we’ll help you bring it to every transaction – with superior speed, accountability and control.