KWI Cloud 9 Mobile POS
The Game Changing mobile solutions for Retail

Any transaction - anywhere

Utilizing Apple devices iPod touch, iPad, or iPad mini
powered by the KWI Cloud 9 Mobile Application

KWI, the leader in Enterprise Class Cloud and Mobility platforms, is changing the way brick-n-mortar retailers do business.  KWI is delivering the digital experience at the stores for pure play omni-channel retailing – fulfilling merchandise from anywhere at any time and providing the customer with seamless and personalized service at the stores – all on a Mobile device untethered from POS in stores.  

100% Mobility is here at last. For those retailers moving into full mobility – the need for traditional POS is no longer in play.  It provides a lower cost of entry and on-going maintenance for stores – is easy to implement providing a faster time to market and is based on the most intuitive, user-friendly technology - utilizing the Apple technology platform of your choice or a mixture thereof from iPad, iPad Mini, or the iPod touch.  And best of all – it can work standalone with any POS solution -- as it is directly connected to the cloud and not to POS in-store.

What does this mean to retailers?  KWI Cloud 9 Mobile POS can be placed in any store as additional registers for high transaction volumes such as for the holidays without the need to change out all POS.  You can stand up Pop Up stores or run a Sample Sale in a time effective manner with minimal effort and receive the full functionality of a register.

For those retailers looking for a complete Mobile experience in store – the ability to take Cash payments has arrived and Cloud 9 Mobile POS is a fully functioning register.  Stay connected to the customers at all times and optimize the shopping experience; and provide your sales associates and store management with tools to be more productive and have fun doing it.  Highlights include:

  • Accepts Multiple Tenders: Cash, Credit, Gift Card, Store Credit, House Account, External payments, Gift Certificates, and split tenders
  • Full Lookup Capabilities: Style lookup, Tax lookup, Gift Card balance inquiry, and Store Credit balance inquiry
  • Mobile POS Changes and Item Modifications: Change Sales Associate, Change Discount $ or %, Gift Receipts, Voids, Price Overrides, Tax Exempt and Tax Overrides
  • Mobile Non Merchandise Functions: Charge Send, Alterations, Bag Fees, Returns, Send Sale, Shipping Fees, Gift Card issuance, Mail Checks, and Omni-Channel Fulfillment
  • Advanced Store Operations: Inventory Management for Cycle Counts and Inventory, Tray In/Out, Media Declaration, Media Pickup, Media Exchange, No Sale, Paid In/Out, Device and Tray Association, Change Password, and Integrated Time & Attendance and Payroll Functions
  • Management & Daily Reporting: Flash Sales, Employee Productivity, POS Restocking, Tray Association, Tray Activity, In-store Dashboard with Key Performance Indicators
  • Improved Customer Experience: email or reprint Mobile Receipts, customer incentives through improved In-Store CRM, finger signing at checkout
  • Mobile Promotional Pricing: auto-applied promotional packages real-time, accept actual and virtual coupon promos
  • Advanced reporting including In Store Dashboard/KPI of key performance indicators
  • Improved Sales Associate Tools: Suggestive Selling, a powerful in-store selling system with visual aids for sales associates

Mobile-enabled Omni-Channel Retailing– the game changing customer experience

The ability to find an item and fulfill it from anywhere at any time is the game changer and one that the retail customer expects.  Mobile-enabled Omni-Channel fulfillment provides the intersection of customer data, infinite inventory, and shopping experience to deliver fulfillment directly from mPOS.

Mobile-enabled Omni-Channel features:

  • FulfillIT – search inventory for item – find it – sell it – fulfill it
  • ShipIT – ship item directly to customer via mobile device
  • GoGetIT – style finder and retrieval
  • SellIT – send or pick up in store

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  • Look-up a customer, review recent history
  • GoGetIT Style finder
  • SellIT from anywhere – send or pick up in store
  • "Ring up" with multiple forms of tender including CASH
  • Real-time balance inquiry for Gift Cards and Store Credits
  • Email a Receipt or reprint receipt on Mobile
  • Accept actual & virtual coupons and promotions
  • Suspend & Resume Transactions
  • Price Override
  • Transaction and/or Line Item Discounts
  • Split Tender
  • Return with/without Receipt
  • Automatic application of promotional packages
  • Real-time updates of promotions from back office
  • Transaction and/or Item Voids
  • Receipts print or email
  • Gift Registry
  • Individual Gift Receipts
  • Gift Card Reversal
  • Print “In-Store” promotional savings on receipt
  • Security Features with password management
  • Training Mode
  • Employee Clock In/Clock out
  • Tray In/Tray Out
  • Payroll
  • Media pickup/declaration/exchange
  • Reporting Sales: by dept., by employee, by "mobile device”
  • Transaction activity report with search capabilities
  • Item and /or Full Carton Receiving
  • Transfer In/Out
  • Cycle Counts & Physical Inventory
  • PO Entry
  • Item Lookup mPOS SearchIT
  • Locator mPOS FindIT
  • Charge Send mPOS FulfillIT
  • Send Sale mPOS ShipIT
  • Receiving mPOS ReceiveIT
  • Transfers In mPOS TransferIT in
  • Transfers Out mPOS TransferIT Out
  • PO Receiving mPOS PO ReceiveIT
  • Style Finder - GoGetIT