Our People’s Expertise

KWI Expertise

All Retail, All the Time.

We could not be KWI without our amazing people. We are here for you 24/7/365 and provide our foundation of broad-based expertise in serving our valued clients. Here’s a brief look at what our skills encompass:

No contest: No one cares for their retail clients better than KWI.

Client Services/Business Analysts

KWI is 100% focused on serving the retail industry since day one of our founding. It’s what we do and it’s all we do. Whatever challenges you are facing, we’ve been there and can help you break through with exceptional strength in retail business analysis.

With so many former retailers on our team, we can accurately anticipate your needs. Our business process, services and guidance are all based on real-world retailing.

Above all, we know one truth: We grow when our clients grow.

Just as you are devoted to your customers’ brand experience, so are we devoted to your total satisfaction when you interact with KWI. It’s no exaggeration to say: We are committed to delighting you.

Sales and Marketing

Our business development team is a first point of contact with KWI. Our talented professionals remain your direct connection as our relationship develops.

Whether you are opening your first brick-and-mortar store or your hundredth, our team takes great pride in helping your business grow with strategic technology and service solutions.

We’ll share your vision for business goals, and recommend solutions that are scalable to your expanding success.

Retail Systems Services

Team KWI is always at the ready when you need us … whether you are in the store, your corporate headquarters or checking in from a distant location.
Our platform is supported by the best-trained team in the industry, providing 24/7/365 real-time expertise.

KWI’s breadth of support covers you from in-store installation and maintenance to merchandising system applications … from new user training to ongoing education that helps all of your people work smarter … from sales audit to data integrity checks to special requests – whatever it takes to help you prosper.

New client? We’ll “onboard” you with detailed training and a central contact dedicated to building your competence on our platform. Our constant goal is superior service and a phenomenal KWI experience.

Research and Development

Our R&D people are industry pioneers keeping us (and you) in the vanguard of retailing excitement, with your customer’s brand experience always top-of-mind. From design concepts to software development coding… from quality assurance verification to store systems configuration … we have outstanding teams in place at every phase of Research and Development.

Add to that the problem resolution of our forensic root cause team, along with the insights of our founder Sam Kliger, and you’ll see why we offer an unparalleled suite of retail system solutions.

KWI’s best-in-class infrastructure is managed by an expert, dedicated team. Our Operations professionals maintain our leading-edge software and hardware for enterprise solutions; manage data in a secure, compliant environment; and provide oversight for our fail safe co-location infrastructure.


And a hats-off to our Administration team who negotiate our purchasing, oversee KWI’s financial management and provide expert merchant services to our clients. Whatever the task, we go above and beyond to secure the right resources at the right price.

It all starts with you.
We envision your needs and then innovate systems to create the smartest solution – with the right people in place to deliver on the promise.