Planning, Allocations & Replenishment

KWI Planning, Allocations and Replenishment

Product Logistics with Advanced Intelligence.

Fact number one of retailing: You can’t sell it if you don’t have it. In today’s instant-gratification universe, you need product at hand that’s strategically placed and priced. In-store, warehoused or ready to “click and collect”, it’s the basic building block of an exceptional customer experience … and a strategic tool in growing impulse sales.

Innovative retailers who want the best inventory management rely on KWI. Our highly scalable and secure logistics system is 100% cloud-based, with built in intelligence to assist you real-time with your strategic planning decisions and allocation orders.

Get the right product to the right place at the right price!

Our cloud-based inventory control capabilities were born on the internet and have evolved through decades of innovation to maintain best-in-class performance.

Our Science, Your Talent

Built with superior intelligence, KWI planning and allocation uses proprietary algorithms to produce history-based analysis, projections and recommendations. Your merchandising experts can then accept our recommendations or alter inventory actions based upon relevant factors. The technology supports your focus on strategic initiatives for smart decision-making in competitive go-to-market timeframes.

The Effects of Accuracy

Our comprehensive system adds real-time accuracy to your merchandising management, from pre-season planning through in-season insights and adjustments, to post-season analysis. As your merchandising strategies become more precise, your business achieves higher gross margin sales.

Get the KWI Competitive Edge:

  • 23 levels of merchandising hierarchy
  • Dynamic replenishment with forecasting
  • “Eternal” history storage
  • Single data dictionary
  • 500+ pre designed reports
  • Superior business intelligence for accurate, timely decisions

It’s the perfect mix:
Our proven retailing science plus your experience and market intuition.

Be a frontrunner in the race to the marketplace!
Focus on your highest value brainwork and let our hyper-intelligent planning tools do the rest.