Platform & Intrastructure

KWI Platform and Infrastructure

Building the Foundation of Your Success

The numbers are pretty impressive. KWI serves clients ranging from smaller specialty boutiques to retailers with over 25,000 transactions per day … more than 600,000 SKUs in their database … over 100 million transaction histories and up to 1,000 transactions per register per day.

That’s a lot of data our clients rely on us to maintain … and a lot of trust. We’re proud to live up to their expectations. We value our clients of every size and serve them with equal commitment and cost-efficiency.

KWI has been enhancing and advancing our enterprise-level infrastructure for close to three decades. Our proprietary, KWI-built system provides you with best-in-class hardware, solutions and people.

Our 'Mountain West' data center is rated tier 3 as a fault-tolerant site infrastructure with expected availability of 99.98%.

Rock-solid: KWI’s resilient platform maintains real-time data access and advanced management functions in a system that outsmarts the unforeseen.

Dual Data Centers are Ready for Anything

No one likes to think of business systems catastrophe but, should it come, we’re fully prepared to keep our clients functioning.

Our corporate headquarters on Long Island, NY, hosts our professional staff including our call center. The lights are always “on”. Our nearby data center protects your ability to conduct business with extensive system integrity measures.

Additionally, we’ve established a second data center in the Mountain West – creating complete redundancy in an off-the-grid site in a geographically distant area.

Our dual, geographically diverse data centers provide secure and hardened facilities for KWI’s retail community. Our clients are assured of the ability to immediately roll over from one to the other in the unlikely event of a catastrophe or a disruption.

Both co-locations offer exceptional levels of redundancy: Dual power feeds, backup battery systems and generators, redundant HVAC and other infrastructure duplications. Our Mountain West location, in one of North America’s most disaster-free zones, is tier 3 certified.

Plus Duplicate Call Center


We know your business is about people – and so is ours. That’s why we’ve created an off-site location for our call center facilities should an event render our headquarters inoperative. Additionally, we have fail-safe plans for our people to work from home, supporting our retailers remotely. So, no matter what, you’re never out of touch with the help you need.

Optimal Data Resilience

KWI infrastructure reflects the proven best solutions, hardware and world-class partners including:

  • EMC2 Storage and Replication Services
  • Oracle Solaris and Linux hardware
  • Oracle Virtual Environment
  • CISCO networking and routing
  • Burstable, highly-scalable bandwidth

What does this mean to our retailers? Your data is always available. Recovery of hardware failure is instantaneous. We can move all your data from one node to another without interruption. So if the unexpected happens, we’re prepared.

Optimal performance, always. You expect it, we provide it.