Real-Time Retailing

KWI Real-Time Retailing

Always Ready, Always On … In the Cloud

Retailers on the leading edge need all of their data on demand. Whether it’s a store associate in a sales interaction, or a brand manager looking to capitalize on a trending opportunity … you need all information all the time.

That’s the beauty of KWI cloud retailing. Our Enterprise-Class retail platform is 100% in the cloud, there for you whether you are in the store, at your headquarters, working from home or in a distant location that is time zones away.

Just imagine the value of real-time visibility into your business. Check on inventory levels, sales figures and promotion results … all available in real-time, virtually as the data is collected. Drill down to store level for anywhere, anytime access to end-of-day numbers and other cumulative reporting. Slice, dice and configure information for your own customized reports, from anywhere in the world you can connect to the cloud.

It's a window into your business.

Locate what the customer wants, anywhere in the enterprise. Sell it and ship it or provide pick up in another location. Save the sale and increase customer loyalty.

Work when Inspiration Hits!

KWI real-time retailing is an incredible productivity tool. Our systems are available 24/7/365 … and so are our people. Our Retail System Services call center is always staffed with live support: KWI staff members who know our systems inside-out.

Our real-time capabilities include:

  • Inventory and product lookup
  • Customer lookup
  • Posting of sales and transactions with KWI Cloud 9 Mobile POS
  • Customer engagement and service in your stores
  • Updates for price changes, item management, and promotions

This is business intelligence – for real!

Make It Real for Your Customers!

We arm your store staff with powerful tools for enhancing customer relationships and increasing transaction amounts. From our hand-held KWI Cloud Mobile POS devices on the Apple iPad, iPad mini and iPod touch platforms – associates can check a customer’s gift card balance, loyalty points, rewards and past purchases; enterprise-wide merchandise availability … and more.

Experience the power of true Omni-Channel retailing, with the high-quality and high-touch service your customers deserve. With KWI, it couldn’t be easier.

It’s not magic, it’s KWI real-time retailing.

Tired of technology that makes demands?
KWI cloud real-time retailing serves you with a user-friendly interface and around-the-clock, around-the-world access.