Store Operations

KWI Store Operations

Your Platform for Operational Excellence

The KWI Enterprise-Class cloud platform is as tightly integrated with our client stores as a system can be, and that’s a very good thing for your operational excellence. It’s how we eliminate barriers, gain efficiencies and ultimately maximize your profitability.

Our exceptional platform has the built-in intelligence to focus on today’s key retailing mission: Real-time, Omni-Channel product sourcing. As an example, our cloud-based platform supports seamless operation of the FulfillIT application within our KWI Cloud 9 Mobile POS so you can complete a sale in one store, fulfill from a secondary location … and apply the correct sales performance data to the originating store correctly.

KWI store operations help you perform tasks super-efficiently with instant receiving, transfers, inventory lookups, shelf replenishment and physical inventory completion. And, if you have KWI Cloud 9 Mobile POS, you can do it all on one hand-held device, without being tied to a register or computer – no need to leave the selling floor!

Achieve the perfect balance of staffing, tasking and customer service.

Best practices in real-time … an operational system that frees you from mundane tasks while enhancing your productivity, creativity and control.

A Flexible, Highly Functional Launching Pad

KWI’s Enterprise-Class cloud platform enables every team member to confidently achieve higher performance, with superior systems for every aspect of retailing, from inventory management to Omni-Channel functions, from productivity reporting to security and staffing. All functions are performed real-time with KWI Cloud 9 Mobile POS, and many functions are performed real-time with traditional POS also.

Smart, Secure, Scalable – and Always On

KWI’s comprehensive suite of store operations services is always “on duty”, including:

  • 24 hour Retail Systems Services Call Center, with easy issue tracking via our Request and Issue Tracking System
  • Back office system access
  • Electronic journal available at store level
  • Bulk and ASN receiving in real time
  • Transfers in real-time
  • Real-time cycle counts
  • Clock-in and clock-out on POS and mobile POS…integrated to payroll system
  • Simplified end-of-day process
  • …and more!

Naturally, all this occurs with the highest security standards, including role-based security at your defined staff levels. Role-based security parameters are controlled centrally by your headquarters to enable employee oversight; audit logs help eliminate vulnerabilities.

More time for mentoring, improvement initiatives and successfully meeting sales goals. That’s the ultimate power of KWI store operations.

Our store operations deliver standard or customized reports and deep data insights on demand or on a regular schedule. This vital information can be sent directly to sales teams and individual employees, with mobile accessibility, so your people are always in the know … and have the power to be their best.

Take new pride in your store – with the profound efficiencies and decisive business tools of KWI store operations.