System Customization

KWI System Customization

Technology Tailored to the Way Your Business Works

One size fits all is great for kaftans, but it’s no way to outfit a business. KWI custom-tailors our system to your needs.

Our Enterprise-Class Cloud platform runs all of our clients’ day-to-day operations on one single code, but our technology and features are always customized to the unique needs of each business and brand.

Go ahead, be fussy.
Get the solution that fits you like a made-to-measure suit.

Cumulative Knowledge and Constant Improvement

As we customize the system and enhance functionality to meet a retailer’s wishes, we create advances that are made available throughout the entire KWI community.

The value-add here is that you gain the cumulative wisdom from KWI’s entire retail community. Each implementation for a new client , or new innovation based upon feedback from an existing client, results in a continuous loop of knowledge and improvement benefitting our entire client base.

Collaborative and Responsive

Want a new field in your favorite report? How about a custom variation of an existing report? Or your “dashboard” configured in a special way? As a KWI client, you get a “bucket of points” to use as you see fit for fine-tuning and enhancements.

Larger enhancements are given full project treatment – designed collaboratively by your team and our retail experts. The results reflect industry best practices based upon KWI’s broad overview, developed to meet your specific requirements.

For us, collaboration is not a catchphrase. We acknowledge that our retailers are our best resource for innovative solution development.

Be a believer. True partnership with our retailers means we listen, we understand and we deliver.