A note from our founder

What kind of 19 year old walks into Benetton, sees the long lines, and then spends the next few months writing code just to make the lines shorter? I guess, only one kind. Me.

That was the year I quit school, handed Benetton the world’s first ever SaaS-based managed services solution and founded KWI. Which means KWI entered the retail Cloud before most people knew it existed.

We went on to help develop KWI’s single platform as you know it today. A platform that continues to evolve every second, anticipating solutions before problems even come up.

And believe me, we’re just as obsessed with driving perfection now as we were back then. Which is why our company has a no BS, customer-first policy. We’re here to win for you. That’s my word.

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Why KWI?

Three decades of innovation and counting

At the age of 18, Sam Kliger designed and developed the first SaaS-based solution for retailers and KWI was born.
We partnered with The Zellman Group, North America’s largest outsourced Loss Prevention services provider.
KWI designed the first browser-based ERP, allowing our clients to access mobile-enabled, real-time retailing.
We brought our clients state-of-the-art mobile POS & mobile-enabled cloud in-store solutions deployed on Apple technology via a partnership with Global Bay/VeriFone.
KWI acquired the intellectual property and associated patent licenses for the KWI Cloud 9 Mobile POS technology platform.
With the acquisition of Best Retail, KWI offered retailers Unified Commerce: a completely personalized and integrated online and offline experience for the end customer.


35 years

retail expertise



outside investment


8 years

avg customer tenure