Consultative selling

Detailed customer profiles capture what matters most to your business, like milestones, preferences, purchase history and wishlists. With a 360 degree view of your customers, everyone can feel like a VIP. And with mobile POS, every sales associate is a confident, on-the-go consultant.

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Inventory optimization

Thousands of shades, colors and varieties are no match for KWI’s inventory management solution, which helps you execute reordering and replenishment without a fuss. Never lose a sale because your system can’t handle the complexities of omnichannel again.

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Everything on one device

Whether you’re high volume or high touch, one KWI device can be the hub of your operation––from transactions to omnichannel to inventory operations. All that and a single view of your customers helps drive loyalty and repeat purchases.

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No more downtime

You need a solution that ensures speedy transactions and absolutely no down time. The same people that built and implemented your KWI solution are the people you call if you need help. That, plus a patent pending, dynamic Offline Mode and nearly 100% uptime puts your mind at ease.

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The KWI relationship has been amazing!

— Jeff Swiatek, NARS Cosmetics