One of the most exciting things you can do as a software company is to build and launch a brand-new product that’s a direct result of market needs and customer feedback. And we couldn’t be more stoked to announce KWI’s new loyalty product — a great addition to our Unified Commerce Platform.

So, why did we build this new product and what’s it all about? Read on.

The backstory

You don’t have to be a retail industry guru to have noticed that the way people shop has dramatically changed over the past few years. The customer journey, once a linear one that brought shoppers directly into our stores, has in many cases become a convoluted maze of digital and physical waypoints.

As modern retailers have tooled up to support this new, more complex journey with integrated POS and back-office solutions that seamlessly support in-store and online shopping, one core piece of the puzzle got left behind. Loyalty management.

Today, a shopper’s experience may go something like this:

  • They sign up for your loyalty program online and can see their rewards balance and history right there in their account. Marvelous.
  • They next head into one of your stores and want to redeem their reward for the purchase they’re making. They’re super excited at this point.
  • They spend the next few minutes tapping their fingers on the counter, while your associate explains that they need to log into another system to find and apply their rewards.

While this data shuttling delay is bad enough, imagine how your customer feels if your associate must tell them that they can only use their rewards for online purchases.

Yikes, not really the stellar customer experience you were aiming for.

And then there’s the problem of in-store transactions not being reflected in a loyalty program member’s account. An issue also guaranteed to diminish, rather than build loyalty.

The root cause of all this grief? Disjointed loyalty management software.

Time to take action

Given this sorry state of affairs, we knew there had to be a better way. After all, here at KWI, we’re all about powering seamless omnichannel commerce. So, we set about designing and building a new loyalty product that would solve these problems and many more besides.

We met with a ton of people at retailers big and small who were responsible for running loyalty programs to get their take on the situation, and more importantly, their wish list for a new product. A few things became abundantly clear. The solution of their dreams would:

  • Be fully integrated with their POS, eCommerce, and back-office systems right out of the box.
  • Be highly flexible so they can create programs tailored to different customer segments and not be hemmed in by rigid, one-size-fits-all loyalty tools.
  • Give them the granular controls they need to set rewards limits and program controls to retain margins.
  • Be super easy to use, from setting up and managing programs to monitoring results.

Drum roll please…

With our goals in hand, we applied our tech chops and deep retail expertise to build something that we’re pretty proud of. Our new product enables you to deliver the amazing loyalty program experiences that your customers expect and deserve — wherever they stop on their buyers’ journey.

See customer rewards info right from KWI’s powerful mobile POS app.

Ensure that customers can see up-to-date loyalty info from in-store and online transactions in their account.

Highlights include:

  • Pre-integration with KWI’s Unified Commerce platform for frictionless POS and digital loyalty experiences.
  • Modular program building blocks, including actions, rewards, customer segments, and tiers that enable you to create tailored programs that really move the needle.
  • A centralized place to manage promos for loyalty members and those customers not yet enrolled in your program.
  • The ability to drive mobile signups via QR code displays in-store or SMS links.

Want to learn more? Check out our web page or download our Loyalty product overview. When you’re ready, we’d love to chat with you about how we can help you build amazing omnichannel loyalty programs.