You’re in business to sell, right? Let’s do more of that.

There are countless studies out there documenting how dramatically mobile POS solutions increase sales. Like, say, this one:

US retailers using mobile POS technologies achieved a 24% average increase in sales compared to those that didn’t. -IHL

So let’s break this thing down.

Why are mobile POS solutions so vital to the modern retail strategy and how will your business transform when you adopt them?

Here’s what you can expect when you switch to mobile POS tech:

1. On-the-go-sales consultants will sell more than ones trapped behind the counter.
Imagine swapping that bulky, legacy POS system for multiple mobile POS devices. Suddenly, your sales people can grab their iPads and float wherever your customers go. Quite literally, they’re armed with product information, photos, even product reviews that they can use to help customers make decisions.In this way, they’re part of a customer’s early decision making process instead of the final stop. They’re able to act as personal shoppers, form deeper, more meaningful relationships with shoppers, and ultimately, convert more sales.

2. When your mobile POS system also does inventory management, you’ll maximize every opportunity to sell.
Your location can only handle so much inventory. But with a mobile POS solution, that doesn’t matter. On the same device that you process sales, you can also get accurate, real time inventory data. That means even if a customer wants something you don’t have, you can track it down somewhere else and close the sale right then and there. Some call it endless aisle on-the-go. We like to call it unlimited selling potential.

3. Personalized experiences will transform more of your shoppers into buyers.
Yes, there is a world where each of your sales associates are also intelligent data hubs, dispersed all around your store to maximize selling. Mobile POS solutions with advanced clienteling gives them easy access to purchase history, preferences, sizes and even birthdays and anniversaries.As your sales people leverage data and analytics on the fly, they’ll create more relevant recommendations and more quickly and accurately identify cross selling opportunities. Plus, they’ll have the ability to process payments right there on the spot. Kinda makes you want to forget that legacy POS system yesterday, huh?

91% of shoppers are more likely to buy in stores that can provide more personalized and relevant suggestions. -Accenture

4. Rewarding customers with instant gratification will mean more sales.
Here’s a statement that will surprise no one: long lines drive away customers. When your shoppers are forced to spend precious time waiting for the people in front of them to check out, they get frustrated. So either you risk them leaving the store, or never bothering to return.Now, imagine having your employees jump on an iPad to bust up that line, processing payments wherever your customers are. As soon as a shopper makes the decision to purchase, your sales people are ready. This is particularly rewarding during peak seasons and holidays when customer volume is soaring. More happy customers means more buying.

5. Selling wherever your customers are buying will pay off.
That means if you want to set up a quick pop-up store, a kiosk or a smaller footprint storefront, your mobile POS is ready for the job. Mobile POS solutions with omnichannel capabilities also enable Buy Online, Pick-up in Store (BOPIS), curbside pickup, deliveries, and even immediate returns. All of which increases customer satisfaction and contributes to increased sales across the board.

KWI’s mobile POS technology is so much more than a checkout system. It’s the heart of your business operation. Sure, it processes payments. But it also transforms sales associates into consultants, personalizes shopping for fast, frictionless experiences, and allows your customers to get what they want when they want it. Bottom line: more opportunities for sales. Around here, that’s a pretty big deal.