You want the best omnichannel retail management platform for your business, but don’t want to have to hire an army of people to manage it, right? That’s why, with our unified commerce platform, we include a “1-stop shop” set of managed services so that you can focus on driving omnichannel without the hassle of taking care of it.

1. Hardware

It all starts with the platform itself. Since everything—hardware and software—comes in one solution, there’s no need to wrangle together a bunch of different tech and software. All in one, all ready to go.

“Ready to go” truly means ready. We’ve built our solution so that it’s 100% pre-integrated, pre-connected, and prepared for you to put it to work.

Configuration, testing, staging… we got you covered. And there’s no need for a long, drawn out install period that makes you wait weeks or months for the benefits. Get it, use it, love it. 


2. Global Payments

That goes for global payments, too. We’ve already taken care of certifications and integrations for you—and we’ll keep on doing it. So whatever new payment option pops up next, our goal is to help you allow your customers to pay the way they want.

In addition to our turnkey platform, we have long-standing relationships with payment providers that help us get you up and running faster. And by being focused exclusively on retail, we’ll always be up to date with any changes in the industry, like new laws and regulations that apply to you.

In short, with KWI, you have everything in one place, not just today but also for tomorrow. Sweet and simple.


3. Helpdesk

But we know you still might have questions. Guess what? The answers are all in one place, too. Since KWI is your helpdesk, there’s no question of where to call.

It gets better. Our helpdesk isn’t going to give you generic answers. These are KWI experts who know every aspect of retail technology systems. This means not only do they know the solution for whichever specific piece of the platform you’re wondering about, they know how that piece connects with others and can make sure the answers you get are the complete answer.

It still gets better. Those helpdesk gurus? They sit right next to the developers who built our solution and are always working to improve it. So if you have an issue, not only will we get you an answer. We take your feedback and use it to drive future enhancements so the issue never pops up again.

4. Customer Success

Beyond the helpdesk, we have customer success teams who want to make sure you don’t just have the platform, but know the whole range of functionality and how to use it. 

Like best practices? Of course, but even better than best. These pro-tips come from real-life examples that we’ve seen in our work with other customers. They aren’t just theories. They’re realities that we’ve observed—and that we know will work for you.

Since we’ve been doing this for over thirty years, and since we’re focused exclusively on retail, we know how our platform can help you, and we have teams whose job is to help YOU know how our platform can help you.

We can even help you determine the best configurations for you. We don’t want to think that one-system-fits-all, so we’ll consult with you and figure out ways to optimize the KWI platform for your particular needs.

One omnichannel retail management platform, ready to work out of the box, with experts who can support every need you have, and a team dedicated to your success? That’s how you can enjoy omnichannel today and tomorrow. And the next day. And the next…