Okay. You know there are challenges managing your orders, sales, and inventory on and offline. You don’t want to dwell on how you got where you are. You just want this stuff to work better.

So do we. That’s why we made a platform that takes care of your pain points and finally unlocks the full potential of omnichannel.

With a single KWI unified commerce platform, you will have the power of an integrated retail system, from backend to front end, from browsing to purchase, from receiving to inventory to real-time fulfillment.

You’ll severely reduce the complexity of having to integrate, update, and manage several systems.

You’ll be able to set pricing and promotions in one place and know that they’ll be reflected accurately on every channel vs having to enter them separately for POS and eCommerce.

You’ll be able to deliver a great customer experience at each step of the way.

How? We’ll show you.

  1. Ditch disparate systems

Let’s start with getting rid of some of the hassles. Doing a cash and carry on one device, a buy in-store and ship-to-home on another? Nope, all transactions from a single device. Looking up one set of inventory in one place, and another inventory in another? Won’t have to. How about separate transactions for a return and a sale? Never again. 

This makes things easier for employees, of course, and it’s a much better experience for customers. No one likes waiting while what should be a single checkout has to go through several steps. That’s why our platform makes it happen all in one place.

And managing it? Instead of worrying about upgrades that might clash with other parts of integrations you built yourself, you’ll have a team of people pre-testing it. You’ll have confidence that nothing will break, and you’ll be able to take advantage of upgrades as soon as they’re rolled out.


2. Get all your data in one place

Unifying all your data is obviously a good thing. You could do it yourself via a CDP or data lake, then integrate the systems through that. But that requires effort, adds cost, and can take years to implement properly.

So, we pre-integrated all those systems—POS, Merchandising, eCommerce, Order Management, etc.—so there are no headaches, no surprise expenses, and no waiting. Quicker to get up and running, effortless to keep running.

And having fewer data-driven headaches is just the beginning.

Even better, you’ll have real-time inventory. When a customer is in the store, and an associate is checking to see if, for example, a purple dress is in stock, it’ll always be accurately reflected. 

Not only does this prevent missed sales because of inaccurate inventory, it also empowers associates to deliver a great experience. If that purple dress isn’t in stock at that location but is in stock at another location, they’ll know that it’s still available—and they’ll be able to complete the purchase on the same device, in the same system.

Sounds like the opposite of disconnected systems? Exactly. 

A comprehensive omnichannel platform that unifies all your data gives associates superpowers, like having a complete customer profile right at their fingertips. When they can see a complete purchase history on all your channels, they can serve up better recommendations and drive more sales.

Yeah, now that’s the sort of ROI you’re wanting from omnichannel, right? There are even more ways KWI empowers you.

3. Streamline and amplify pricing and promotions

Again, we really just want to make it simple. Have a promotion you want to run? Run it on every channel without having to enter it on each channel. With KWI’s unified platform, you simply enter it one place, and it’s distributed to them all. Online or brick and mortar, buy online and pick-up in-store or buy in-store and fulfill from warehouse.

More importantly, with integration between Merchandising and POS, you don’t just set up a promotion. You execute on it. So no matter what you can dream up, KWI’s platform can make it happen.

And we take that seriously. Even complex promotions like layered discounts or stacked coupons. Whatever you want to offer, our platform is built to handle it.

How? Well, we’re focused exclusively on retail. We’ve been doing this for decades. And we listen to customer feedback so that we can keep evolving functionality to serve you better.

We know challenges won’t stop you from implementing omnichannel. We just want to make it easier and more effective so you can focus on other parts of your business.