When your system goes down, your store associates are firefighting. Sales are lost, customers are unhappy and an otherwise delightful customer experience has disappeared in moments.


Advertising Week 2019: Smart Retailers Embrace a Digital First Consumer Mindset

Advertising Week has become a fixture on the New York conference calendar in September, attracting brands, marketers and technology providers as well as retailers and celebrities. This year there were more than 100,000 attendees, 350 sessions and 1,200 speakers. KWI’s Chief Customer Officer, Frank Weil, curated and emceed the Retail track on day one of this four-day conference. With a focus on retail and direct to consumer (DTC brands), Advertising Week’s Retail track featured sessions on modern commerce in the digital world and sought to understand how retail evolved the ways brands sell, and how has it changed the way consumers buy.

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