This is it! The moment you’ve been waiting for. Your customer has researched your product, compared it to others and now she’s ready to buy.

Congrats! You’ve earned this. Pop the champagne!


Not so fast.


70% of online shoppers abandon their carts before checkout.


Why is this happening? Well for starters, customers want expect to pay however the heck they want. If the answer is “No” when they check to see if you accept a certain payment type, you’ve likely lost their business.

Tough stuff. Especially considering the sheer breadth of payment options available today – from Venmo, Paypal and Alipay, to Google Pay and Apple Pay, and even crypto and paying in installments.


From online to in-store: customer demand evolves

Add a global pandemic to the storyline. Consumers are now even more accustomed to newer, faster, and easier ways to pay online. Which of course means they want the same ease and flexibility in brick and mortar locations. Accommodating customers however they want to pay has never been more critical.

So, how’s a retailer to keep up? Especially in a world where emerging payment tech is fast and relentless. Even if you’re set up with all the payment types you need today, you can be sure your shoppers will require new and different ones tomorrow.

Luckily, KWI loves this stuff. So much so that we’ve got full time staff dedicated to following trends in payment tech. We’ve got our finger on the pulse and we’re ready to incorporate the latest payments technology with absolutely no friction to our customers. Thanks to our broad payment partner network, it’s fast and easy.




KWI payments partner network



Nailing the customer experience

You know better than anyone that customers don’t just demand new payment types, they want new, more convenient ways to check out. Ensuring their satisfaction is in the details, so consider some of these scenarios.

  • Your customer is annoyed. Yes, having to click 5 times to buy a shirt online annoys the modern shopper. So, we help you enable one-click checkout. Your shopper simply hits a button on a display ad, an article, connected TV or your ecommerce site. Presto, it’s on the way. Now your customer is happy.


21% of shoppers abandon their carts because the checkout process is too long or complicated.


  • A shopper calls your store to see if you have the latest apparel. Effortlessly, your sales associate texts him a link with the product and payment details. He buys it in seconds.


  • It’s the holiday season and your store is crowded. A shopper scans a QR code to pay from his mobile device, bypassing the checkout line altogether.


  • Another loyal customer uses his AMEX credit card to buy some jeans. A few days later, he comes back to return them but he’s lost his receipt. Hurray! You’re a hero! His information is already in your system and you make the return in seconds. (By the way, a company who only processes payments can’t perform that kind of magic.)

Clearly, with KWI by your side, you don’t risk losing business in the eleventh hour, when your customer is ready to make a payment. We’ll help you stay up-to-date with payment solutions and create a shopping and buying experience that’s truly satisfying.

And most importantly, we’ll give you reason to pop that champagne.