Why Your POS Could Be Costing You Sales

Investing in an intuitively designed POS can have a direct impact on your revenue. Read on to find out more.


Why Retailers Need To Pay Attention To These Back To School Trends

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how to build your omni-channel strategy

3 Tips for Creating Effective Experiential Retail


Why some retailers don't need a pop-up experience

Experiential retail is hot right now and it's not just fashion and beauty brands leading the way. A plethora of companies are announcing pop-up stores to capitalize on a full-sensory experience. There are the tech companies (Facebook at Macy's, Google pop-up), the lifestyle brands like Goop, e-commerce companies like Casper, even communities like HeyMama are getting in the retail game.

6 Retail Predictions for 2019

As the year comes to an end, retailers will take a look back and reflect on wins, losses, and surprises. Then, they’ll turn to the new year: How can they use those learnings to inform a strategy that focuses on where the marketplace is going? Here are our predictions for what will be huge in retail for 2019.

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