Successful retail brands stay relevant and grow by clearly showcasing how their products fit into a consumers' lifestyle. They tell their brand stories through strong content and insight which can drive commerce and create lifelong, loyal customers. This was the main topic of conversation during Advertising Week in New York City where KWI’s Chief Customer Officer Frank Weil moderated a thought-provoking and lively panel with Lindsay Bressler, VP Strategy of Hatch Collection (and a KWI client), Sean Dollinger, CEO, President and Co-Founder of Namaste Technologies, YinYin Gao, Senior Product Director at Tencent Smart Retail and Geoff Schiller, Chief Revenue Officer at PopSugar

Key Learnings from - Frank Weil, Chief Customer Officer of KWI

I recently had the honor of moderating a session at the NRF Conference in Las Vegas about how content can amplify commerce. Joining me onstage was Tushar Adya, President and COO of Dylan’s Candy Bar, Lexi Cross, Co-Founder of Shoes of NYC, and Geoff Schiller, Chief Revenue Officer of PopSugar. Together, we discussed how these great brands use content and storytelling to keep customers engaged and loyal, while providing them with a unique retail experience that only their brand can deliver. We had a powerful discussion about what works, what doesn’t, and how publishers and retailers alike use content as a value add. Here are a few keys takeaways:

4 Ways to Prioritize Customer Satisfaction


Customer satisfaction and the customer experience has quickly emerged as the primary metric of success for retailers. Investing in new technology, staying abreast of fashion trends, and creating in-store experiences are all smart strategies, but the best brands always come back to the Why. Why are you investing in new technology? (To make the shopping and checkout experience better, easier, and faster for your customers.) Why are you mindful of trends (to keep your customers interested.) Why are you offering yoga classes in your stores (to entice your customer to open the door). The answer is always about the customer experience.

Is Your POS Network Supporting Your Business?


Having a state-of-the-art unified commerce and mobile POS system is crucial to compete in today’s retail market. Is your infrastructure ready to support it? A strong, reliable network (with cutting-edge monitoring, dynamic channel management, traffic shaping, and more) make all the difference in the consumer experience and whether or not you’ve earned a repeat visit and their loyalty.

Top 4 Things That Keep Retailers Up At Night


Market analysts tend to proselytize about the state of retail and how Amazon is killing our business as we know it. And while there is some truth to that, that’s not the headline most insiders would use. The industry is full of highs and lows right now—yes, some traditional box stores are going out of business, but there are also exciting partnerships developing and innovative new companies popping up. As with any business, competition, evolving customer habits, and new technology can be a challenge. After talking with our clients here’s what they told us the biggest issues in retail are right now. 

5 Keys To Excellent Ecommerce Customer Service [INFOGRAPHIC]

Think Tank: Six Trends That Are Redefining Retail

Sam Kliger, founder and chief executive officer of KWI, shares insights into what's driving the retail industry heading into the second half.

Rihanna made an appearance at sock brand Stance's New York City location.

Rihanna is promoting her new collection of socks and actually got behind the register to ring up customers.

Stance offers mobile self-checkout without an app download.

Frank Weil, chief customer officer at KWI, reveals how  retailers can create seamless shopping experiences.

According to Frank Weil, chief customer officer at commerce solution focused firm KWI, it’s essential for retailers to connect online and offline channels. “While technology allows retailers to be faster and smarter, at the core, customers still want to be treated with a personalized touch and feel known as an individual shopper. 

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