When you think of a salesperson with a mobile device, you probably think of Apple. They were one of the first major brands to invest in the mobile point of sale experience using the iPod touch in 2009. Apple’s success has paved the way for a tremendous growth in mobile POS systems. An RIS News study found that half of department stores had already implemented a mobile POS plan or planned to do so within 12 months. For the past five years, we have been working with our clients to implement in-store mobile POS systems. We’ve seen the positive impact for these clients and the incredible benefits to anyone’s retail business.

1. It improves your customer service.

With mobile POS, you put tremendous retail power in your sales associates’ hands. They have the ability to ring sales, make returns, check for inventory, have products shipped to customers all without leaving the customers’ side. You are putting the sales back into salesperson.

2. It makes your sales associates happier.

Capterra surveyed a select group of salespeople and found that 48% of respondents prefer using mPOS and 62% of respondents say mPOS has made their jobs easier. It’s no secret that satisfied and motivated employees have direct impact on your bottom line.

3. It increases sales.

Mobile POS helps you eliminate long lines and capturing a sale instantaneously. Happier customers + happier salespeople = a better shopping experience and more sales., A recent study by mobile services provider Stratix and IHL Group found retailers in North America with mobile POS technology experienced a 24% average increase in sales during 2017 compared with those that didn’t offer mobile checkout in-store.

Mobile point of sale is being adopted widely across industries. We see this especially with our speciality retail customers that are interested in driving increased customer satisfaction and engagement. Is your business ready for a mobile point of sale system? The key is investing in your infrastructure. Here are five things to consider.

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