It’s moments like this we’re extra glad we’re retail tech nerds. And no, we’ve never dropped a mic in our lives. But our latest platform update has dropped and the rollout is exceeding expectations.

In other words, this is our Bono moment.

Of course our customers already know us for our single unified omnichannel platform built from the ground up: mobile POS, Merchandising/Inventory Management, eCommerce, CRM, and more.

But our Winter Release expands on those areas of expertise, helping brands sell more, manage operations more efficiently, and empower their employees.


Let’s be honest, shoppers today want demand a lot. They want the best of online and in-person shopping experiences wherever they are. So, true omnichannel for today’s retailer requires more than just endless aisle and BOPIS functionality. You need to blend the online and in-store shopping experiences, removing friction throughout the buying process.

In-store promotions

KWI Promotional customer capture - QR codeKWI’s all-in-one platform unites the online and physical shopping experience. Take our in-store promotional capabilities, for example. Shoppers scan a QR code in a physical location (like a sign in your store) to access instant discounts and coupons — just like it happens online, when a shopper first lands on a new ecommerce site and a 15% discount offer pops up. The in-store shopper simply uses their smartphone to enter their contact info and the rest is easily taken care of at checkout.

Tech like this incentivizes first time shoppers to make a purchase, drives traffic to your stores and increases customer capture with an experience that rivals online. Not to mention the pressure it removes from store staff, who can now close the deal without bogging down the line.

Mobile Product Discovery

KWI Mobile product discovery with QR codeAnother way KWI closes the gap between online and in-store shopper experience is by offering mobile product discovery. Just like your customers can browse your entire product catalog online, they can also view your whole inventory in store by using their phones. With mobile product discovery, shoppers can scan a QR code to browse product categories, new arrivals, check store availability, and more — all from their mobile device, creating a better experience for shoppers to do what they would want to do anyways, but from inside the store. You can bring your endless aisle to your customer’s fingertips, whether they’re shopping online or at your brick and mortar.


In order to keep selling, you have to expertly manage all your retail technologies and systems.

But you know all too well that it’s a headache to update the price of an item for online shopping in one place and in-store shopping in another. And when it comes to promotions, creating discounts in multiple locations is a recipe for disaster. Trying to keep these processes in sync frequently fails, either because of disparate systems, or because of good old human error.

Unified Pricing

KWI’s unified pricing makes pricing and promotions simple. Enable or disable pricing instantly across channels — from time-based deals, to stackable promotions, and more. All of which reduces headaches for you and your teams — and creates a better buying experience for your customers.

Loyalty Programs

Customer loyalty is something every brand aspires to, but it’s no easy feat. Implementing and maintaining loyalty programs is way harder than it sounds. Setting up integrations between POS, eCommerce and Loyalty solutions often leads to disjointed data that’s not in real time. Oh, and do you even have a designated person to handle a loyalty program?

KWI’s all-in-one platform takes care of your loyalty programs, providing real time data and reporting with a single view of your customers across channels. No more third party integrations and inaccurate, out-of-date reporting.

When a retailer uses KWI Loyalty together with our POS and eCommerce solutions, any points earned or used are reflected in real-time across all channels. Customers that have shopped in store can instantly see updated info in their online profiles. And corporate employees can easily see the benefits of their loyalty program across channels, and understand how loyal customer behavior differs between in-store and online.


Empowering your in-store employees to provide exceptional shopping experiences starts with omnichannel. That’s a no-brainer right? Not so fast.

For so many stores, omnichannel requires purchasing new equipment or deploying new apps. Which, of course, means more complexities, more vendors, more management, and more things for store teams to keep up with.

Bummer. It also might mean separate transactions for shoppers, which slows down the check out process and leads to poor customer experiences.

Double bummer.

Omnichannel Order Management Dashboard

KWI’s Omnichannel Order Management Dashboard is a simple and easy to use way of viewing and managing omnichannel orders, without the need for yet another mobile application.

See all omnichannel orders that came from your store right from your mobile POS and see all orders assigned to your store for fulfillment, regardless of where it was placed. Empower a simple, easy to use workflow that includes picklists, shipping carrier integrations, order details, and barcode scanning.

Near-miss deal alerts

Empowering your employees to do their best work doesn’t stop there. You can actually help them sell more by giving them visibility into customer deals. With KWI alerts, your employees can show shoppers how oh-so-close they are to receiving a discount on their purchase. And they can do this easily, without getting lost in the chaos of multiple promotions on multiple channels.
Simply enable notifications on your KWI POS device to alert store associates when a customer is approaching a threshold or quantity driven discount. This incentivizes your shoppers to buy more and makes everyone look and feel good.

Payments Innovation

QR code payments - scan to payClearly, we think a lot about how to help you sell, manage and empower your people. So, the last thing we want for you is to lose a customer at checkout. Forcing them to wait in a long line? Not good. Forcing a phone customer to come into the store just to securely complete a payment transaction? Maybe worse.

We make paying easier by giving customers the ability to pay from their mobile device, wherever they are. By having customers scan a QR code on your POS app, or by receiving a link via text when they’re not in the store, customers can complete an entire payment flow from their own mobile device, wherever they are.

As the payments space continues to evolve you can bet KWI will be on the front line, finding ways to reduce friction at each stage of the buying process. Until then, we hope you nerd out over our winter release updates as much as we did.

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