Brand: Hurley
Retail Type: Apparel
Region: United States
Solutions: POS,  Merchandising, Order Management

Key Results:

  • Speed to market
  • Reclaimed floor space
  • Improved customer support
  • Cost & performance benefits

The Challenge – Driving the best customer experience, wherever customers shop

Hurley’s POS system, at the time, was originally built to support locations with traditional cash wraps using older, register-based POS stations. As a result, they required much-needed (if comparatively expensive) support for stores with older POS hardware.

Now a standalone brand with a young, mobile-savvy customer base, Hurley quickly determined that they needed a more modern POS solution that could quickly adapt to Hurley’s changing needs. Their next POS provider would need to deliver on three crucial points.

There was one more major challenge that Hurley’s new POS provider would need to solve immediately… they needed to migrate from their current system in just three weeks. That’s an almost impossibly short timeframe to switch to a new POS platform.

“Our launch timeline was pretty rushed,” says Tan. “But in the circumstance we were in, KWI was great.”

The Solution – KWI’s powerful omnichannel support

From the moment the contract was signed with Hurley, the clock was ticking for KWl’s implementation team. In an ideal world, the team would have months to migrate product data, customize the POS experience, and train Hurley’s staff. Instead, at Hurley’s direction, KWI had less than three weeks to get the system operational across dozens of stores.

“We had a very tight timeline to transition, and KWI made us their highest priority throughout the entire process,” says Tan. “They worked around our timeline, and provided everything we needed in terms of support, training, and communication. They were available for us any time we needed them, and there was a real willingness to accommodate our needs, and to work quickly to find solutions.”

Once the dust settled from the transition, Hurley’s management began noticing real results from KWl’s POS solution.

While Hurley only has around six months of sales data to work with, Tan says that the switch to KWI is highly encouraging. ”Do we believe that this will result in more revenue, or at least a better ROI? Yes, one-hundred percent.”

The Results – Better customer service and real-time insights

“Switching to KWI made sense for us,” says Tan. For a company like Hurley, breaking out on their own after nearly two decades as a subsidiary, strong partnerships are everything.

“We’re a small company, and we’re pretty nimble,” says Tan. “We feel the same kind of nimbleness from KWI. We also see KWI as partners. They’re helping us grow our business.”

Tan also notes that KWl’s intuitive POS technology is greatly reducing training time for Hurley’s staff. “The majority of our staff are younger, and they use Apple devices already,” he says. “They know how to work these devices, so it’s very easy for them to pick up and use.”

Support: ”From the moment we signed, KWI’s support has been great,” Tan says. ”Everyone at KWI has been accessible. The number one thing I would say about working KWI is that the support team has been there for us.”

Working with KWI has also come with plenty of unexpected surprises, according to Tan. For instance, the former vendor was built around an older, slower business data reporting system. “We used to have to wait for our reports to batch every night, so we couldn’t see that day’s reports until the next morning. KWI gives us real-time access to all of our business data.”

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