5 Strategies to Create an Unforgettable Omnichannel Retail Experience

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Customer expectations are higher than ever, margins are tighter than ever, and the world is watching. Your retail strategy can’t afford to be anything less than extraordinary. That’s why we created our eBook,
5 Strategies to Create an Unforgettable Omnichannel Retail Experience. It’s not just a guide; it’s your blueprint for retail brilliance.


Put simply, because we want the same thing that you want. We want your customers to feel understood, for your online interactions to seamlessly connect to in-store experiences, and for technology to surprise and delight not only your customers, but your team as well. Want the real insights on personalization? How about the principles to making AR and AI the transformative tools they’re supposed to be? Those concepts and more are waiting for you.


  1. Personalization Drives Engagement: How to maximize data analytics for unmatched customer experiences.
  2. Creating a Truly Unified Experience: Mastering the art of a cohesive online and offline presence.
  3. New Tools Enable Enhanced In-Store Experiences: Embracing the possibilities of AR and AI for in-store innovation.
  4. Next Phase of Data-Driven Decision Making: Harnessing the power of analytics for smarter strategies.
  5. Turning Consumers Into Teammates: Building a loyal brand community that grows with you.


The continual face-to-face contact with the customer allows for sales to occur with start to finish customer interaction, increasing impulse buys and basket size. KWI has been a great partner, understanding retail and is truly available to support our business.

— Bert Barber, Retail Technology Manager