Merchandising Solution

Complete control for the back office

Everything you need and more


A fast, efficient, flexible and intelligent merchandising information system, built on the cloud and fully-integrated with other KWI retail solutions. Supports “Shop-In-Shops” and Franchise Models.

Real-time retailing


Access real-time availability of sales and inventory so you will have an up-to-the-minute understanding of what is going on with your business.

History kept forever


Our system is true, cloud-based data warehouse. All of our solutions stem from a single data source. Your complete data set is stored forever at the item level, and fully searchable with 23 levels of hierarchy available.

Advanced reporting


More than 500 reports can be scheduled or run on-demand, securely but quickly accessed through our internal Google search engine for easy reference.

A system that just keeps getting better


Because our system is built and deployed on the cloud, we can continually roll-out new capabilities and improvements.

Exceptional support


Our team of retail tech experts provide the support you need 24/7.