Every sale maximized

Don’t have the right size, color or variety? Easily find it at another location and make the sale right there on the spot. Maximize full price sell throughs by leveraging all of your inventory, all the time.

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Omnichannel made easy

KWI’s unified commerce platform comes out of the box equipped with omnichannel capabilities. Configure your fulfillment rules to fit your business, process every type of omnichannel transaction from the same device in one transaction, and automatically integrate with shipping carriers to get the merchandise to your customers how and when they want it.

Unified experiences

Meet the ever-increasing demands of your customers by uniting their online and physical store experience. Of course making sales is your priority, but processing returns and exchanges seamlessly has an equally powerful effect on customers’ view of your brand. Finally, having a single view of your customers at the fingertips of your associates makes customers feel special.

A critical part of why we selected KWI is the omnichannel enablement that allows customers to buy online and pickup in-store or pickup curbside

— Eileen Rizzo, SVP IT