Unify your data

As you drift to sleep every night, KWI’s CRM runs its hygiene process, cleansing and deduping repeat data. For one single and complete view of your customers in the morning.

Make your data actionable.

Segment customers for campaigns or promotions. Increase spend based on targeted knowledge of your customers. Even mine your data to understand how they behave. When you’ve got the data, you’ve got the edge.

Get insights and reports

Analyze the health of your business across channels with our collection of reporting and monitoring tools. From capture rates and customer snapshots to customer purchasing trends, you can dig in and understand your business like never before.

Create loyalty programs

KWI’s platform comes with built-in logic so that you can put together easy loyalty programs. Allow your customers to earn points for dollars spent, get rewards for points and even get bonus rewards on their birthday.

KWI CRM Features

Daily data hygiene

360 Customer View

Loyalty Program

Omnichannel Purchase History

Segmentation & Campaign Management

Reporting & Analysis

Increase Spend & Visits