Unified commerce

KWI’s eCommerce is pre-integrated with Merchandising and POS for a turnkey omnichannel solution. Buy online, fulfill from store, return to store and pick up in store. Plus, manage your pricing and promotions in one place whether it’s online or in-store.

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Built with all the tools you need

Fully hosted and included in the subscription fee with unlimited scalability and monitoring for uptime and performance. Also comes with a powerful, native OMS (Order Management) and CMS (Content Management) so you don’t have to go elsewhere to run your business the right way.

Five star support

Never again rely on a third party for support. Get direct access to our KWI experts 24/7/365. One number to call–servicing your entire business for 360-degree customer success.

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Best of the best

We’ve curated industry leading 3rd party integrations and put them in one place. From payments, checkout and tax services to chat bots, email service providers, shipping services and reviews, personalization, fraud prevention and more.

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If it wasn’t for the constant support of all the KWI team members, I don’t think we could have been able to handle the migration as well as the pandemic. It is truly exciting to have moved to a platform that will allow us more flexibility and aligns with our future goals.

— Tony Thompson, CEO

KWI eCommerce Features


Templated, responsive design options that are optimized for mobile.

Shopping Cart

Standardized, seamless checkout. 


Location based real time inventory. Marketplace & drop ship capabilities. Integrated pricing and promotions engine with POS. Drag & Drop Merchandising.


Custom and themed design templates. Dynamic, schedulable content with a drag & drop interface. Workflows and release groups. Native blog integration.


Intelligent omnichannel order routing and processing. Cross channel, rules based fulfillment. Integrated payment gateways and processing. Comprehensive customer support tools for appeasements, refunds, returns & exchanges.

Reporting & Analytics

Intuitive dashboards and reporting with integration to Google Analytics and other tools. Standard analysis options for sales, traffic, customers, conversion, and more.


Fully hosted, cloud based platform and included in the monthly subscription fee.


Level 1 KWI support model with 7/24/365 access.

Best of breed integrations

All the important 3rd party tools you are accustomed to using are pre-integrated with the platform.


Robust shipping functionality with integration to major carriers and 3rd party services.


Integrated payment processing, including mobile wallet options, pay over time, and 1-click checkout.