Seamless routing and fulfillment

Advanced logic so you can route and fulfill items with speed and accuracy. Adjust the logic based on location, inventory availability, thresholds, and more. One powerful, rules-based engine for ultimate clarity.

Unified order management

KWI Order Management works quietly behind the scenes to coordinate orders across channels–from physical stores and warehouses to ecommerce. Never again lose a sale because you don’t have what you need where you need it.

Easy customer service

Missing, damaged or inaccurate orders? With KWI Order Management, customer service agents can effortlessly resolve issues to keep your customers happy.

Drive payments online

Integrated payment services via industry leading gateways and processors. Full support for modern, contactless payment types such as digital wallet, pay over time, 1-click checkout and more.

Learn About Global Payments

We were looking for a solution to satisfy our unique OMS requirements and KWI came to the rescue. Since then, we have had nothing but great success with the KWI platform by ensuring we get our product to our customers, by any means necessary.

— Nick Barbarise, Director of IT