Implementation expertise

We’ve been in retail tech for decades, which means we’ve done more iterations of implementations than anyone else. We know exactly how to get you up and running fast and without risk or stress.

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Incredibly fast go live

Imagine a box delivered to your door. You open it up to see all the hardware you need for your entire retail platform, pre-configured.

You plug the hardware in, connect it to the network, call our help desk to do a test run and boom. You’re up and running.

That’s how turnkey implementations work at KWI.

Ditch the surprises

Because we get you up and running incredibly fast and our fees are fixed, you don’t have to worry about financial surprises. Something that may deem daunting and full of risk is actually seamless and refreshingly affordable.

Long-term investment

We won’t abandon you after everything is set up. Should you have an issue, we’ll help you solve it–now and tomorrow. As longterm partners and no one knows our software like we do and no one is as invested in your success.

Seamless integrations

You don’t have to blow up your entire system to add new functionality. When it comes to integrations, we play nice in the sandbox with experience integrating across dozens of categories.

  • Financial Accounting/ERP
  • Wholesale
  • eCommerce Platform
  • Warehouse Management Software / 3PL
  • Loyalty/Gift Cards
  • Tax Services
  • Payment Processing

Don’t see your solution here? Check out some of the companies we’ve integrated with.

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The KWI system rolled out over 2 weeks... very smooth.

— Jeff Goldman, CEO