A purchasing tool for every occasion

Whether you’re placing a manual order for one store, generating bulk orders for the warehouse, or using our sophisticated open stock replenishment to calculate orders across your business, we’ve got you covered. Our merchandising solution includes tools that help you make quick work of the task at hand.

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Meet your new smart assistant

Spend less time crunching numbers and make better decisions with our open stock replenishment tool.

It uses inputs like sales history, seasonality, on-hand stock forecasts, vendor lead time, safety stock, weeks of supply, and more to create smart order suggestions. You amend or accept the suggestion, and our tool automatically generates and sends the purchase orders. Job done.

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From a digital transformation perspective the size of the registers and cash drawers that we removed from the cash wrap stands allowed us to open up the stores. The smaller footprint of the KWI devices helped tremendously.

— Eileen Rizzo, SVP IT