In a perfect example of life imitating art, Sarah Jessica Parker joined Ron Thurston’s Retail in America tour on Friday to talk about retail culture, community, and human connection. Unlike her iconic character on Sex and the City who only knows retail as a shoe-obsessed customer, Sarah Jessica Parker now sees all sides of the industry. In July 2020, she opened up her first retail store on W 54th St. in NYC and is now a retail insider.

SJP by Sarah Jessica Parker is the shoe store of Carrie’s dreams. But, it’s also a business that Sarah Jessica has found incredible pleasure in running. To the delight of fans and New Yorkers alike, she can often be found in the store, helping customers find just the right pair of shoes.

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On Friday, April 22nd, however, the store looked like a movie set, thanks to Sarah Jessica Parker’s willingness to sit down in front of the camera with Ron for an intimate conversation organized by KWI, a Retail in America tour sponsor and SJP by Sarah Jessica Parker’s POS solution provider. Lisa Lockwood from WWD also covered the event and shared her insights in this article over the weekend.

Ron and Sarah Jessica’s conversation revolved around the role of stores, the challenges brought on by the pandemic, and Sarah’s passion for retail. She shared her belief that stores present the best opportunity to speak with customers and learn from them. She says, “You learn that by being on the floor just by sharing stories and seeing their feet,” she said. “It’s been for sure the most joyous part of the work.”

Sarah talked about her journey in retail and the importance of an omnichannel strategy, especially during the pandemic. When asked why she felt it was important to have a brick-and-mortar presence, Sarah shared, “It didn’t occur to us to do anything else.” While eCommerce powered the company during Covid-19, the store provides the 1:1 connection that builds brand and drives loyalty. It is also the best source of immediate product feedback, which is essential in fashion.

Following the interview with Sarah Jessica, KWI had the opportunity to sit down with SJP Brands COO, Alyssa Arminio, to discuss the retailer’s technology stack evolution. We can’t wait to share more about that interview in our next post. And, videos from both interviews and a podcast will be released soon.

Stay tuned for more details.

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