Single Database

The Key to Unified Commerce

Grow every area of your business


All the commerce solutions you need to grow your retail business, from a single database. This means all your data is in in one place — no more silos.

Better decision-making


Make more informed decisions with a 360° customer view and enhanced reporting, based on all your data, not just parts of it.

Streamlined communication


Now all areas of your business can access and share data. Improve transparency and communication with retail solutions built from a single database.

Guaranteed compatibility


Forget worrying about whether or not your ecommerce and POS platforms are compatible. The KWI Unified Commerce Platform is built from one central database, which means all your data is in one place and all your solutions are truly integrated.

Unified Commerce


Unleash the capabilities of Unified Commerce: Seamless, memorable experiences for your customers, online and off.

A Single Point of Truth


We use a single software version across our entire client base. Because our cloud architecture is built from a single database, we can offer truly integrated capabilities–our Unified Commerce Platform.